Most Popular Internet Slangs and Acronyms You Should Know

Even after being a proficient speaker of the English language, you might find yourself scrolling through social media asking,

“What is this fuss about sliding into DM? What’s FOMO?” Is btw an abbreviation of ‘by the way’ or ‘between’?

Fear not! We have made the perfect cheat sheet you can use to slay at Social Media and become GOAT! 👑



“Simp” is used to refer to someone who does “way too much” for someone they like or are fond of. Most often, it is used in a negative sense to refer to someone who completely changes his/her behaviour for another.


A “clap back” refers to responding to criticism and can also be associated with giving good comebacks or responses to being attacked online.


To “slay” means to ‘kill’ something in a good way. “Slay” is a way to say someone did an amazing job at something. Scored well in a test? “You slayed it!” Wearing something amazing? “You’re slaying!”


While it’s sometimes used in a sarcastic sense, getting called “woke” is usually a compliment. It means you’re knowledgeable, sympathetic, and aware, especially when it comes to controversial debates around race and gender.


“DM” stands for “direct message” or a private message with a person on social media (especially Twitter). So the next time someone challenges you to an argument in DM, don’t be worried about getting embarrassed publicly.


Simply put, “IDK” is “I don’t know.” It is usually used when you’re unaware about something. These days, it is also used as a way to avoid talking about something uncomfortable. “What is your plan for the future?” “IDK!”


“FOMO” is often synonymous to nostalgia. It literally means “fear of missing out” and is usually felt when someone sees photos of their friends on social media and fear they’re missing out on all the fun.


Often accompanied with the requisite goat emoji (🐐), “GOAT” is an acronym for “greatest of all time,” and pops up a lot when people start arguing about sports.


“TBT” can have two meanings – If posted with a hashtag (#) on a Thursday, it means “throwback Thursday”. But if posted on any other day, it means “truth be told” following a fact or confession. Throwback pictures are more common as people try showing their childhood pictures or some trip they went on last year.

Saltybeing upset over nothing
AMAask me anything
Famclose friend/friends, like family
GTGgot to go
Yeetto discard an item at a high velocity
TBHto be honest
BTWby the way

Want to learn about the Internet slangs and abbreviations further? Watch this short video 👇🏾

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