Common Mistakes People Make While Learning English Language

English is not a measure of intelligence. However, command over this language can help boost confidence in both personal and professional arenas. Non-native speakers of English try in one way or the other to improve their language skills. Sometimes, their methods work against them as a result of which their efforts go to waste. Here’s a list of some common mistakes to avoid while learning English Language 👇🏿

1. Not selecting the right content 👎🏾

Picking the content which is just for classroom learning, that is, theoretical knowledge infused with rules and regulations is pretty boring. Most people find it tiresome and thus, give up on learning English quite early. Therefore, you must choose what’s interesting to you. Watch English movies, read books or listen to audio books, chat with your friends either on call or via text in English. Basically, drop the bookish learning and adopt the practical method that’s appealing to you. Remember that you cannot learn if you do not enjoy the process.

2. Judging their progress against others 👩🏾‍⚖️

You must understand that everyone learns at a different pace using different techniques. Therefore, you must not judge your progress against others. Instead, focus on outdoing yourself every day.

3. Looking out for shortcuts 👀

A lot of time, people look out for quick solution or hack to learn English. They think that by reading a few articles and memorising key phrases and words they can get away with flaunting their language skills. Unfortunately, this pseudo-learning practice is of no good. Learning a new language is a skill that takes time to master, and so, you do need to put in a lot of efforts to grasp the knowledge and embrace the actual learning process.

4. Giving up on learning because it is too much work 🤦🏾‍♂️

This mostly happens in the initial period of learning, where in people after getting to know the task at hand and the amount of labour or work it would require to attain the knowledge, usually give up, thinking it is too much work. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day! You must have patience and perseverance.

5. Fear of making mistakes 😥

English is a tough language to master. Usually people give up on learning English and go back to the comfort of their mother tongue because they do not want to come across as a dummy speaking incorrect English. What you need to understand is that without trying, you won’t learn. Mastering a new language is a skill, and mistakes are a part of its learning process.

6. Imitating native speakers 🗣️

A lot of times, people try to copy the rhythm, speed and accent of the native speakers of English. As a result, they sound fake!  At other times, people try to speak too fast and end up making mistakes that they wouldn’t have made if they spoke more slowly.  Remember that fluency is not equal to correctness. And that your natural accent will not make your spoken English incorrect. You just need to be aware of the correct pronunciation of the words.

Watch the given video providing a handful of tips through which you can learn English language daily in an enjoyable manner👇🏿

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