50 Most Common Phrasal Verbs of English Language

Phrasal verbs are a group of words that combine a verb with an adverb or a preposition. When these words are combined, they form a single verb with a new meaning that is distinct from the meanings of the constituent words. For example 👇🏾

We need to come up with a solution.

Here, “come up with” refers to producing something under pressure or urgency.

Check out this list of some common phrasal verbs you can use on a daily basis 👇🏾

Phrasal VerbsMeaning
Act upto behave badly or strangely
Aim atto point a weapon at someone or something
Allow forto include something in a plan or calculation
Back awayto retreat or go backwards
Black outfall unconscious
Blow offwhen the wind removes something from its place
Carried awayto get so emotional that you lose control
Carry onto continue with something
Check into register at a hotel or airport upon arrival
Die downdecrease or become quieter
Dig into start eating greedily
Drop outto quit a school program or training course
Fall in withto agree with something
Fall behindto move slower than others
Feel up toto feel capable of doing something
Fill outto complete a form
Get ahead ofto move in front of someone or something
Give upto stop doing something that has been a habit
Go aroundto follow a circular path
Hang onto depend on someone
Help outto assist people with something
Hold offto stop someone from attacking or beating you
Jack upto increase sharply
Jazz upto make something more interesting or attractive
Keep aroundto keep something near you
Kick outto expel or force to quit
Lash outsuddenly become violent
Lay downto place something on a surface or an object
Line upto arrange events for someone
Make it up toto try to compensate for doing something wrong
Move intoto start living in a new place
Nail downsucceed in getting or achieving something
Narrow downto remove less important options to make it
easier to choose
Opt forchoose
Opt outchoose not to be part of something
Pack upstop doing something
Pay backto repay the money borrowed
Plug inconnect machines to the electricity supply
Run awayto flee, or leave in a difficult situation
Run overgo over quickly as a reminder
See offto bid goodbye 
Set upto establish
Take apartto  disconnect or separate the parts of an object
Talk intoto convince someone to do something
Throw upto vomit or puke
Use upto completely consume or use all of a supply
Wash offto remove dirt or unwanted markings
with soap and water
Wear outWhen something is damaged or weakened
from use and age
Wrap upto cover something with some kind of
special paper
Zip upto close an item with a zipper

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