Conversational Phrases: Asking for or Offering Help in English Language

What if you needed help but didn’t know how to express yourself properly in English? Is it possible that someone offered to help, but you were unsure of how to accept or politely decline it?

That’s fine!

Because we’re going to talk about how to offer help in English, you won’t feel nervous or uneasy in any of these situations anymore. Moreover, you will learn how to accept or reject help.

Asking for Help – Interrogatives👇🏾

Would you mind (doing something)?

  • Would you mind taking out the trash?
  • Would you mind helping me with the groceries?

Would you (doing something)?

  • Would you show me the path?
  • Would you turn on the geyser?

Could you (doing something)?

  • Could you bring up the luggage?
  • Could you get me some water?

Do you (doing something)?

  • Do you want me to cancel the class?
  • Do you want me to lend you some money?

Offering Help – Affirmatives👇🏾

I’d be happy to (do something).

  • I’d be happy to reschedule the trip.
  • I’d be happy to take you out.

I can (do something).

  • I can bring you some tea with biscuits.
  • I can choose the right dress for you.

Let me (do something).

  • Let me get you the itinerary.
  • Let me book the tickets for you.

I will (do something).

  • I will bring you some medicines.
  • I will take you for shopping today.

Offering Help – Interrogatives👇🏾

May I (do something)?

  • May I offer you my help?
  • May I carry your bag?

Would you like me to (do something)?

  • Would you like me to show you the room?
  • Would you like me to bring you some coffee?

Can I (do something)?

  • Can I get your bags?
  • Can I show you the route?

Do you want me to (do something)?

  • Do you want me to pick you up?
  • Do you want me to order for you?

Shall I (do something)?

  • Shall I submit the assignment?
  • Shall I get you a taxi cab?

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