Which Preposition to Use with “Agree”?

Do you agree on something or agree with something or agree to something? We actually use ALL of these in English – but in different situations 👇🏾

Agree with – a person

  • My teacher says Mathematics is an important subject, and I agree with her.
  • I don’t agree with my mother when it comes to politics.
  • I agree with the leader’s stance on economy.

Agree on/about – a topic/plan

  • My parents and I agree about how to save water.
  • The students need to agree on how to do the project report.
  • Everyone in the family agreed on a date for the marriage.

Agree that – a thing

  • He agrees that it is a great song.
  • Dentists agree that brushing your teeth twice a day in important.
  • She agrees that brownies are the best dessert.

Agree to – an action

  • They agreed to arrange for a translator.
  • She has agreed to pay me back by tomorrow.
  • We all agreed to meet up at 8 P.M.

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