Film Vocabulary: Movies-Related Terms You Should Know in English

After watching a movie, you might be asked questions like:

  • Which was your favourite character?
  • Is the plot complete?
  • Which scene scared you?

You might not understand the words used in these questions, but they are necessary for you to sound smart while talking about movies you like.

Here’s a list of some basic terms for talking and reading about your favourite movies👇🏾🎥

Action moviea film with many exciting and violent scenes
Actora person who plays a role in a film
Audience responsethe audience always has an emotional and psychological response to the film
Blooperan error made by the actors during the shooting of a film
Box officethe office where tickets of admission are sold
Cameramana person who is responsible for the shooting and recording the scenes of a film
Castall the actors and actresses in a film
Characterone of the people in a story
Choreographersomeone who creates dance sequences
Cinemaa place where movies are shown on a big screen
Comedya film with lots of funny scenes
Costumera person who designs or supplies clothing
Critica person who participates in the analysis and interpretation of art (here, film)
Directorthe person in charge of making a film
Documentarya film that’s about real people, events or issues
Dramaa film about realistic characters in dramatic situations
Dubbingthe process of adding dialogues in a different language for the audience of a different region
Editorsomeone who decides the final content of a film
Extraa small character in the crowd scenes
Flashbacka scene of a film in which past events are shown
Flash-forwarda scene of a film in which future events are shown
Genrea kind or style of music, film, TV show, painting, etc.
Horror moviea film that frightens and shocks people
Lightingequipment for stage or film lighting
Negativephotographic film showing a reversed color image
Outtakesa part of a film that was shot but was not included in the final edit
Plotthe series of events that form the main story
Premierethe very first showcasing of a film at a theatre/cinema
Prequela film containing the preceding information of another film
Producera person who takes care of the financial aspects of a film
Reela frame which was used in olden days for storing films
Rehearsala practice of a play or a drama done many times before the final performance
Scenea small part of a film
Sci-fia genre with stories set in the future or in outer space
Screenthe flat surface that a movie is projected onto
Screenplaythe script of the film including the instructions for acting and directing
Sequela film containing the succeeding information of another film
Squibexplosives including a powder-filled tube (like a broken bomb) that burns with sound
Story framinga story that is told within a frame or story that forms the outline of another story or series of other characters whose bad actions or motives are important in the plot
Studioworkplace with room or building where film and television production or television programs or radio programs are produced
Stuntmanthe person who performs stunt scenes for an actor in the film
Subtitlescaptions displayed at the bottom of the screen for a better understanding of the film
Synopsisthe basic plot of a movie
Visual effectsthe process by which an image is created without a live-action shot
Voice overaudio narration in the film without the image of the speaker
Zoom infocus on the person’s attention
Zoom outto get the widest possible view of the scene

Remember, these terms can help you write really good reviews. Go ahead and have a movie night! 🎬

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