Commonly Known Philias Shared by People in the World

To have a philia for something is to feel an intense attraction to it. It’s possible that the intensity of your feelings will propel you to the point of wanting something to the extreme. Some of these may involve habitual actions or routines that the individual finds immensely satisfying despite outsiders’ perceptions of them as pointless or wasteful. 

Although this may seem extreme in many societies, it is interesting to note that people from all walks of life and all periods of history have been linked with some extreme form of fondness or philia. 

The following are examples of philias shared by people all over the world👇🏾

  • Ablutophile – Fondness of washing or bathing (for the sake of personal hygiene🪥)
  • Achluophile – Fondness of darkness🌑
  • Acousticophile – Fondness of noise (how comfortable you’d be in a traffic jam 😜)
  • Agoraphile – Fondness of being in crowded, public places like markets and of leaving a safe place (So COVID has ruined going out for you.)
  • Agrizoophile – Fondness of wild animals 🦊🦝🦓🐒🦍🐅🦬🦏🐘
  • Aichmophile – Fondness of needles or pointed objects (getting injected must seem so easy, right?)
  • Amychophile – Fondness of scratches or being scratched (were/are you a cat perhaps?)
  • Angrophile – Fondness of anger or of becoming angry 😠
  • Anthrophile/Anthophile – Fondness of flowers 💐
  • Apeirophile – Fondness of infinity ♾️
  • Aphenphosmphile – Fondness of being touched (Remember how excited Voldemort was to have “touched” Harry Potter?)
  • Apiphile – Fondness of bees 🐝
  • Arachnephile/Arachnophile – Fondness of spiders 🕷️(we’ll see how happy you are when the spider is loose in your room)
  • Arithmophile – Fondness of numbers 🔢
  • Arsonphile – Fondness of fire 🔥
  • Asthenophile – Fondness of fainting or weakness (like how we used to feign in the school assembly to get out of standing in the sun😂)
  • Astraphile/Astrapophile/Ceraunophilia/Keraunophilia – Fondness of thunder and lightning ⛈️
  • Astrophile – Fondness of stars or celestial space ✨
  • Athazagoraphile – Fondness of being forgotten or ignored or forgetting (some people are happy being in the background of others’ story😀)
  • Atomosophile – Fondness of atomic explosions💥
  • Aviophile/Aviatophile – Fondness of flying
  • Bacillophile – Fondness of microbes🦠
  • Ballistophile – Fondness of missiles or bullets (can we explain that to the police?)
  • Batrachophile – Fondness of amphibians, such as frogs, newts, salamanders, etc.🐸
  • Bibliophile – Fondness of books📚
  • Botanophile – Fondness of plants🪴
  • Cainophile/Cainotophile – Fondness of newness, novelty
  • Carnophile – Fondness of meat 🥩
  • Catoptrophile – Fondness of mirror (Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of all? Of course it’s the writer😎)
  • Chemophile – Fondness of chemicals or working with chemicals⚗️🧪
  • Chorophile – Fondness of dancing 💃🏾
  • Chrometophile/Chrematophile – Fondness of money 🤑
  • Chromophile/Chromatophile – Fondness of colors 🏳️‍🌈
  • Cleptophile – Fondness of stealing (will it be considered an excuse?🙈)
  • Clinophile – Fondness of going to bed (finally there’s an explanation for our condition!)
  • Cometophile – Fondness of comets☄️
  • Coimetrophile – Fondness of cemeteries🪦
  • Crustuphile – Fondness of special cookies🍪
  • Cyberphile – Fondness of computers 🖥️
  • Cyclophile – Fondness of bicycles 🚲
  • Decidophile – Fondness of making decisions (is that what all the company managers have?)
  • Didaskaleinophile – Fondness of going to school (remember the kids who used to remind the teachers about homework?)
  • Doraphile – Fondness of fur or skins of animals (someone like Cruella from 101 Dalmatians🤯)
  • Elurophile – Fondness of cats🐈
  • Ereuthrophile – Fondness of blushing😳
  • Frigophile – Fondness of cold or cold things🥶❄️
  • Graphophile – Fondness of writing or handwriting📝
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophile – Fondness of long words (and what better way to express than to use 35 alphabets?)
  • Hylophile – Fondness of forests🌲🌳🌴
  • Iatrophile – Fondness of going to the doctor or of doctors🏥🩺
  • Leukophile – Fondness of the color white🤍
  • Lilapsophile – Fondness of tornadoes and hurricanes🌪️
  • Mageirocophile – Fondness of cooking🧑🏾‍🍳
  • Melanophile – Fondness of the color black🖤
  • Necrophile – Fondness of death or dead things☠️
  • Nephophile – Fondness of clouds🌥️
  • Odontophile – Fondness of teeth or dental surgery😬
  • Oenophile – Fondness of wines🍷
  • Ombrophile – Fondness of rain or of being rained on🌧️☔
  • Ommetaphile/Ommatophile – Fondness of eyes👀
  • Ophidiophile – Fondness of snakes(or people who behave like snakes) 🐍
  • Paraskavedekatriaphile – Fondness of Friday the 13th (especially those who were born on a Friday the 13th)
  • Philophile – Fondness of falling in love or being in love💘
  • Selenophile – Fondness of the moon🌔🌕🌖
  • Sitophile/Sitiophile – Fondness of food or eating🍕🍔🍟🍿🥞🥯
  • Thalassophile – Fondness of the sea🌊

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