How to Use Sentence Connectors in English?

Connectors in English are small words and phrases that help you link sentences and even whole paragraphs. They can be used in both speech and writing. When you use connectors in your essays, they automatically become more organised and logical. Every sentence flows right into the next. Because of this, your writing and speech become easier to understand and clearer.

Connectors to show contrast👇🏾

althoughAlthough the weather was terrible, I decided to rush home.
howeverFruits are good for your health. However, they’re expensive!
despiteI want to go out in the evening, despite being sick.
on the contraryOn the contrary, the jury believes he is innocent.
whereasJane plays football, whereas Joseph plays basketball.

Connectors to show cause/explanation👇🏾

becauseI’m tired because I could not sleep last night.
sinceSince you did not pick up call, the meeting had to be postponed.
seeing thatSeeing that she liked her new school, my daughter is very excited for this school year.
due toDue to the budget allocation, we won’t get bonuses this year.
on account ofShe was late on account of heavy traffic on the main road.

Connectors to show result👇🏾

consequentlyThe Nile deposits its mud over the valley before reaching the sea, and consequently the Delta receives little additional material.
as a resultHe sprained his wrist and, as a result, will not be playing in the tournament.
thereforeSarah studied hard for her English exam. Therefore, she got an A+.
thusThat house is located at a prime position, thus they bought it.
henceHe is not playing well today, hence they will lose the match.

Connectors to show emphasis👇🏾

especiallyNone of us can eat, especially if you use the stale bread.
most importantlyMost importantly, without sunlight, there would be no life on this planet.
essentiallyPersonal tuitions are very helpful, but essentially the students should learn on their own.
above allThe mission of the army is, above all, to protect the people and keep the order.

Connectors to show logical order/sequence👇🏾

firstly, secondly, thirdly, etc.Firstly, I would love to see the Colosseum. Secondly, I’m sure the pope is dying to meet me. Thirdly, they have great pizza. I have three reasons for wanting to visit Rome.
in additionIn addition to writing well, she is also a confident public speaker.
to start withTo start with, you need to pick out the ingredients required to bake a cake.
finallyFinally, I asked for the chef to be called in.
in conclusionIn conclusion, I would like to offer my gratitude to the institute for organizing such an extensive event.

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