What is a Malaphor?

A malaphor is a mixed idiom or mixed metaphor (or to use the more formal term, catachresis). It is a portmanteau word formed by combining malapropism (the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding word) and metaphor (a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable).

Look at the malaphors listed below👇🏾

MalaphorMetaphor/Idiom 1Metaphor/Idiom 2
You hit the nail right on the noseYou hit the nail right on the headThat’s right on the nose
We’ll burn that bridge when we come to itDon’t burn your bridgesWe’ll cross that bridge when we come to it
It’s not rocket surgeryIt’s not rocket scienceIt’s not brain surgery
She really stuck her neck out on a limbStuck her neck outwent out on a limb
A bird in the hand is
worth letting the cat out of the bag
A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bushLetting the cat out of the bag
Sorry, that train has
That train has left the stationThat ship has sailed
Seize the iron while it’s hotSeize the momentStrike the iron while it’s hot
You’ve opened this can of worms, now lie in itOpen a can of wormsYou’ve made your bed, now lie in it
You buttered your bread, now lie in itButter your breadYou’ve made your bed, now lie in it
Have our ducks on the same pageHave your ducks on a rowTo be on the same page
It’ll be a walk in the
A walk in the parkThe icing on the cake
Don’t count your
chickens in one basket
Don’t count your chickens until they’re hatchedDon’t put all your eggs in one basket
He’s the sharpest bulb in the boxThe sharpest knife in the boxThe brightest bulb in the box
It’s easy, like shooting fish from a babyLike shooting fish in a barrelLike taking candy from a baby
Don’t bite the gift horse in the mouthDon’t bite the hand that feeds youDon’t look a gift horse in the mouth

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