4 Reasons Why Public Speaking is Important

The term public speaking refers to a presentation that is delivered in front of an audience. Speeches in public often touch on a wide variety of subjects. The purpose of the speech can range from informing the audience to entertaining them to swaying their opinions.

We used to only see formal public speaking, but times have changed and we now get to see both formal and informal presentations. We can’t ignore how the evolution of technology has influenced public speaking for the better, and that’s why in addition to the classic style of public speaking, we now have video conferencing, multimedia presentations, webinars, etc.

The question is, why is public speaking so crucial?

1. Overcome Shyness, Gain Confidence

The vast majority of kids are timid in their own ways and are reluctant to speak up in class for fear of being mocked. Those who know the answer but are unsure of how to put their thoughts into words often avoid engaging with teachers in class or raising their hands to answer questions aloud. Public speaking skills help such kids overcome their shyness and fear, and turn them into confident speakers.

2. Improve Academic Performance

Public speaking gives kids a leg up in the classroom so they can achieve their full potential. At some point, students will need to give a talk in front of an audience. Children who have taken public speaking lessons are better able to convey their ideas to an audience.

3. Boost Communication Skills

Since public speaking is all about communicating, this also trains them to pay close attention to what others are saying. Young children who are taught to listen to and respond to what others are saying have a head start on developing other important communication and social skills.

4. Lay the Groundwork for the Future

A child’s readiness for adulthood depends on their development in two key areas: critical thinking and self-confidence. Your child can learn essential skills for future success in any field by practising public speaking now.

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