6 Exciting Apps to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking

Internet is full of interesting as well as informative websites and applications that cater to the need of the public. Here are some of the most enjoyable applications that you can browse online 👇🏿

1. LikeSo

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About: Learning to speak more clearly, confidently, and without the use of “likes” and “so” is a lot easier with the help of LikeSo, a useful tool for training against verbal habits. You can get a real-time assessment of your speech fitness with LikeSo, down to the ideal pacing for a fast or slow talker.

Platform: iPhone

2. Metronome Beats

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About: Even the most skilled public speakers sometimes struggle to find the sweet spot when delivering a presentation. If you talk too quickly, people might think you’re trying to escape the spotlight. If you speak too slowly, however, your audience may doubt your sincerity. With Metronome Beats, you can easily keep tabs on your speaking pace while giving public presentations. By doing so, you can raise your speaking rate to the optimal range of 140 to 170 words per minute for natural conversation.

Platform: iPhone, Android

3. Orai

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About: Few people have the financial means to invest in a private public speaking coach. However, Orai’s voice recognition technology is just as efficient. The app will provide feedback on how well you read aloud after you’ve completed several written exercises. Among these are one’s ability to be understood, one’s speaking speed, one’s level of enthusiasm, and the number of unnecessary words used. Orai is a great tool for enhancing your public speaking, presentations, and pitches.

Platform: iPhone, Android

4. Speeko

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About: Speeko is a voice-recognition app designed to help people overcome their anxiety when giving speeches. Users can practise telling jokes or giving in-depth presentations by choosing from a wide variety of challenging activities. You can record your voice and get immediate feedback on your rate of speech, intonation, clarity of speech, and use of filler words within the app. Your vocal self-assurance will increase after consistent practise.

Platform: iPhone

5. Speakometer

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About: If you suffer from anxiety before public speaking, studying the language you plan to use may help. However, the paid version of Speakometer is well worth the cost, even though the free version already does a lot of useful things. Over two hundred English words are available for elocution practise, for instance. If you need help pronouncing a certain term, the app can provide you with that as well. The best way to learn them is to type them in while reading a script or writing a formal speech, and then repeat this process until you can do it automatically.

Platform: Android

6. Ummo

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About: It’s natural to use filler words when you’re nervous or on the spot in front of a group. But if you keep saying “like,” “um,” and “you know” over and over, it sounds like you have nothing to say. With Ummo, you can pinpoint rambling phrases and unnecessary words. You can check your speed, volume, and clarity with the app’s annotated transcript to make sure your message comes across perfectly.

Platform: iPhone

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