Later vs. Latter, Latest vs. Last

Later and latter are both comparative forms of the word late, but they do not have the same meaning:

Meaningused to refer to a time afterwards or after a point of time in the presentused to refer to the second one of two things or people that have been mentioned
ExampleCan we meet up for the project later?Of these two options, the former is less risky, while the latter is less expensive.

So the words later and latter might be the comparative forms of the same word (late), they cannot be used interchangeably.

Latest and last are both superlative forms of the word late, but they do not have the same meaning:

Meaningused to refer to something that occurred most recentlyused to refer to something in the past, or as an antonym of first
ExampleHere’s the latest news from the national capital of India, New Delhi.She was the last member to arrive for the meeting.

When fully grasped, the distinctions between these words are clear. With some exercise, you’ll soon find yourself naturally incorporating them into conversation.

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