7 Best Opening Lines Ideas to Start Your Speech

After spending a significant amount of time preparing, it is finally time for you to deliver your speech.

You are standing in front of the podium,

with everyone’s attention focused on you,

and a self-assurance that no one can take away from you.

Then you begin speaking…

Hello, everyone. Thank you for having me.
My name is ______, and I am going to be speaking to you today about _______. To begin, _______ is important because

People start fidgeting, checking their phones, reading the programme, talking to each other, and otherwise ignoring you.

How long your audience “tunes in” depends on your opening lines. Your audience won’t listen if you bore them right away.

How can you start a speech or presentation to avoid this?

Here are seven best opening lines ideas to start your speech👇🏾

1. Question❓

Starting your speech with a question engages the audience. To elicit a response, they’ll closely follow your presentation. Naturally, ask intriguing questions rather than obvious ones. To create the tone for your speech, link the opening question to the primary subject.

2. Quote🗣️

Famous quotes that relate to the speech’s topic make great beginnings. Quotes give speeches authority. Starting a speech with these words can boost credibility. Recent events or research from any publication can also be cited.

3. Pause/Silence⏸️

Whether it lasts for two seconds or ten, a pause gives your audience a chance to sit and relax. Most audiences anticipate a speaker to start speaking right away. An extra pause focuses all eyes on you, which is exactly where you want them.

4. Statistics📅

It gives the idea that one has done thorough research and has reliable knowledge when one begins a speech with a statistical fact.
Additionally, employing statistics makes the speech more memorable and less monotonous. For instance, if a speech on “How to be a better speaker” is required, one can begin the speech with well-researched facts like this one: “Studies show that 61% of people experience anxiety before making a presentation. Here’s how to do it.”

5. Funny /humorous story😁

We all like a good laugh. It immediately elevates people’s mood. Use humour to enliven and relax the audience as well as to energise the listeners. Opening your speech with a humorous story is an incredibly effective technique to get the audience’s attention.

6. “Imagine” situation🙈

One of the skills of successful storytelling is asking the audience to picture a certain scenario. By assisting the speaker in visualising the speech’s substance, it also builds anticipation for what the speaker will say throughout the speech. Imagine, for instance, that you work hard and maintain a strict schedule, and as a result, you achieve well in school. The audience will be able to picture and relate to the speech’s context with the aid of this statement.

7. Powerful statement💪🏾

By keeping the listeners on the edge of their seats, a statement or phrase might grab their attention. The effect is enhanced by using the silent technique afterward. For instance, you can begin by saying, “Winning is not easy…” (Pause) “…That is what the world wants you to believe!”

Bonus: Here’s a completely unexpected way Will Ferrell accepted Mark Twain Comedy Award 2011!📽️

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