Commonly Used Contractions in English Language

A word or phrase that has been condensed by omitting one or more letters is known as a contraction. Using an apostrophe indicates the missing letters in writing. It is common practice to use contractions in speech (written dialogue), informal writing, and in advertising. The most common contractions are made up of verbs, auxiliaries, or modals attached to other words.

Standard Contractions in English👇🏾

➡️ Contractions using ‘be‘:

I amI’mI’m trying to study.
You areYou’reYou’re disturbing me.
He isHe’sHe’s very busy.
She isShe’sShe’s a hard-worker.
They areThey’reThey’re watching a game.
We areWe’reWe’re parked outside.
It isIt’sIt’s raining cats and dogs.
That isThat’sThat’s how you bake a cake.
Here isHere’sHere’s the cycle you saw yesterday.
There isThere’sThere’s a woman outside.
Who isWho’sWho’s driving me to the airport?
Where isWhere’sWhere’s my lucky charm?
When isWhen’sWhen’s her birthday?
Why isWhy’sWhy’s that guy staring?
What isWhat’sWhat’s the day today?
How isHow’sHow’s everybody doing?
Everybody isEverybody’sEverybody’s pretty tired.
Nobody isNobody’sNobody’s watching the movie.
Something isSomething’sSomething’s burning in the kitchen.
So isSo’sIf they’re leaving, so’s he.

➡️ Contractions using ‘will‘:

I willI’llI’ll talk to you tomorrow.
You willYou’llYou’ll see me soon.
He willHe’llHe’ll visit you next month.
She willShe’llShe’ll be in the meeting then.
They willThey’llThey’ll organise a charity run.
It willIt’llIt’ll be okay.
We willWe’llWe’ll leave early.
That willThat’llThat’ll be more than enough.
This willThis’llThis’ll only take an hour.
These willThese’llThese’ll work fine with FDX.
There willThere’llThere’ll never be enough water.
Where willWhere’llWhere’ll you get it from?
Who willWho’llI have to leave, who’ll drive me?
What willWhat’llWhat’ll you do without a job?
How willHow’llHow’ll we find each other?

➡️ Contractions using ‘has/have‘:

I haveI’veI’ve got to get an alarm clock.
You haveYou’veYou’ve been sad lately.
He hasHe’sHe’s secured the first position in his school
She hasShe’sShe’s started her own business.
We haveWe’veWe’ve been watching this movie for some time.
They haveThey’veThey’ve been playing the whole day.
Should haveShould’veI should’ve cancelled the party.
Could haveCould’veI could’ve been a doctor.
Would haveWould’veThey would’ve laughed on me.
Might haveMight’veShe might’ve denied your request.
Must haveMust’veI must’ve forgotten my mobile.
These haveThese’veTry different shoes, these’ve got mud on them.
Who hasWho’sWho’s baked a cake?

➡️ Contractions using ‘would‘:

I wouldI’dI’d love to visit but tickets are too expensive.
You wouldYou’dYou’d be able to dance well if you start practicing.
He wouldHe’dHe’d be better off without that group of hooligans.
She wouldShe’dShe’d like to own a house someday.
We wouldWe’dWe’d decide about the shop tomorrow.
They wouldThey’dThey’d be happy to see me.
It wouldIt’dIt’d be an honour to host you.
That wouldThat’dWe are going to the circus. That’d be fun!
These wouldThese’dThese’d look lovely in my room.
There wouldThere’dThere’d be a shortage of water soon.

➡️ Contractions using ‘not‘:

Do notDon’tDon’t disturb your sister!
CannotCan’tI can’t get there on time.
Must notMustn’tYou mustn’t lose hope.
Are notAren’tThey aren’t going anywhere.
Could notCouldn’tI couldn’t clear the exam.
Would notWouldn’tWe wouldn’t leave you behind.
Should notShouldn’tYou shouldn’t drink and drive.
Is notIsn’tShe isn’t feeling well.
Does notDoesn’tHe doesn’t know who his parents are.
Did notDidn’tI didn’t complete the assignment.
Has notHasn’tShe hasn’t reported for work since day before yesterday.
Had notHadn’tWe hadn’t thought of a solution.
Have notHaven’tThey haven’t been good to me.
Was notWasn’tIt wasn’t my fault!
Will notWon’tI won’t come to school tomorrow.
Were notWeren’tThey weren’t interested in poetry.
Am notAin’tain’t interested in that kind of drama.

➡️ Other Miscellaneous Contractions:

Let usLet’sLet’s join our hands.
Where didWhere’dWhere’d you disappear off to?
How didHow’dHow’d your interview go?
Why didWhy’dWhy’d you blame the fire on me?
Who didWho’dWho’d you see when you went to the mall?
What didWhat’dEverything is dark! What’d you do?
MadamMa’amMay I come in, ma’am?
Of the clockO’clockThe meeting will begin at 7 o’clock tomorrow.

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