What is the Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing?

The inverted pyramid is a news writing technique in which the most significant and broad themes are presented first, followed by more specific information. The inverted pyramid writing style is intended to capture the reader’s attention as quickly as possible by delivering the most significant aspects in the lead paragraph and then gradually filling in the tale with progressively specific supporting information as the article progresses.

“Inverted pyramid in comprehensive form” by Christopher Schwartz

The Lead👇🏾

You start with the lead (or lede), which outlines the story’s what, where, when, how, and who. This is where you construct a quick picture of your story and provide the crucial detail that will keep readers interested (ie., the “hook”).

The Body👇🏾

Here, you create your arguments and make your points:

  • Provide further detail.
  • Throw in some quotes.
  • Add in your journalistic viewpoint to generate a little controversy. Whatever it is, this is your core tale.

The Tail👇🏾

Finally, you conclude on the tail (sometimes called a kicker). If the reader wants to do more study or find out more about what you’re writing, where should they go? Provide this supplementary reading last.

Benefits of the Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing:

  • It is easier for the reader to comprehend what your post is about if you write the most important information first. And, as a writer, everything that makes it easy for the reader to digest your content will benefit you.
  • Putting your most important content first nearly always ensures that your reader will read it. As a writer, this allows you to reach a wider audience with your content.
  • When you write in an inverted pyramid manner, you make it easier for readers to skim by giving them the most crucial information first.

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