30 Latin Words and Phrases that are Commonly Used in English Language

Many Latin expressions are still used in English, though in written language rather than spoken one. Although you may not need to utilise Latin terms yourself, yet knowing how to recognise them is useful.

Here’s a list of some of the most common Latin words and phrases that can impress your friends 👇🏾

Latin expressionMeaning
ad hocformed or done for a particular purpose only
ad nauseamrepeating or continuing to the point of
ad lib/libitumas you desire, at one’s pleasure
alma mater a school, college, or university which one has attended or from which one has graduated
bona fidewith good faith
carpe diemseize the day
caveatbeware, disclaimer
consensusgeneral agreement
cum laudewith honour
curriculum vitae (CV)list of significant academic and professional accomplishments, achievements, awards, education, and training
de factoin fact, in reality
et cetera/etcand so on
ex librisfrom the library
habeas corpusa court order instructing that a person
under arrest be brought before a judge
in situin its original place
lingua francacommon language
per annumfor each year
per capitafor each person
post-mortemexamination of a body after death
prima facieon its face
reabout, concerning, regarding
quid pro quofavour or advantage given or expected in return for something
status quoexisting state of affairs
tabula rasaclean slate
verbatimin exactly the same words
vice versathe other way round

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