English Punctuation made easy…

What happens when you mix up your punctuation marks?

It often leads to hilarious instances like these 👇🏿

So, in order to avoid getting your dear Grandma eaten or cooking your family and pets, you must know some common Punctuation marks and their uses!

1. Full Stop (.)

A full stop, as the name suggests, basically puts an end to a sentence. 

  • I have to complete my homework.

It can also be used while writing abbreviations and initials.

  • Master of Business Administration can be written as M.B.A.
  • India’s former President, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam is popularly known as A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

2. Comma (,)

A comma is used to separate a series of words, phrases or independent sentences, in order for them to be grammatically correct.

  • Let’s eat, Grandma.
  • I like cooking, my family and my pets.

3. Exclamation point (!)

An exclamation point or exclamation mark is always used at the end of an exclamatory sentence. Such sentences often express an intense emotion of excitement, disgust, joy, anger, etc.

  • Alas! The nation has suffered the loss of a great man.
  • What a beautiful day it is!

4. Question mark (?)

A question mark is used to end sentences that are framed like a question. Most of these sentences usually begin with words like ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘who’.

  • How would you like to take your tea?
  • When will the movie begin?

5. Colon (:)

A colon can be used in the following ways 👇🏿

a. When introducing something such as a quote, an example, or a series.

  • My favourite subjects are: history, biology, psychology, and english.

b. When linking two independent clauses, where the second clause completes the idea expressed in the first one.

  • James had an idea: he would pick up breakfast on his way to his office.

c. When expressing time in numerics.

  • The play will begin at 6:45 PM.

6. Semicolon (;)

Like a colon, a semicolon can also be used to link two independent clauses. Even though the two clauses can be written separately, using a semicolon asserts their closeness. 

  • My sister is running late; she is stuck in traffic.

These are some of the most commonly used punctuation marks that can help you become a better writer. Some other punctuation marks that are also used for framing grammatically correct sentences are provided below 👇🏿

  • Apostrophe (‘)
  • Dash (-)
  • Parenthesis ()
  • Single Quotation Marks (‘ ‘)
  • Double Quotation Marks (” “)
  • Ellipses (…)

Wish to learn more? Take a look at this video providing a comprehensive list of punctuation marks 👇🏿

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